Movera campaign ordering Terms:

  1. prepayment 50% - must be paid within 2 days of receiving order confirmation
  2. final payment - must be paid when the ordered goods have arrived
  3. discount 14% is valid 01.02.-14.02.2021 (incl.), no other discounts will be added;
  4. all orders are binding;
  5. the payment of invoice, submitted by the company Autocamper OÜ on the basis of the order made by the customer, is obligatory;
  6. prepayment is not refundable to the customer if the ordered product is ordered from the factory and the customer refuses to pay the final payment;
  7. prepayment will be refunded if the order or part of the order is not enforceable if the ordered goods are no longer in Movera's warehouse, the ordered goods are no longer produced or the goods are not sold in Estonia;
  8. the goods ordered are not refundable, excluding warranty cases;
  9. the ordered goods can be picked up from the office of the company Autocamper OÜ or according to the agreement, the ordered goods are sent to the address requested by the customer for a separate fee;
  10. when paying for the goods by transfer, please write the order confirmation number in the payment order.