For newcomers.

Our dynamic starter-model Element is the perfect fit when you want to discover the freedom of motorhome vacationing for your family. With up to four sleeping spots in single or queen beds, a compact and well-thought out layout, plus a standing height of 2.12 m, this model fulfils any wishes you could have. For extra space, we offer an optional lifting bed in the Element for all layouts

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Semi-integrated model.

The advantage of the Comfort TI is its name: Comfort, because that is a top priority here. With five different layouts, this model offers everything that the motorhome vacationer‘s heart desires. There are a lot of standard features in the comfortable outfitting, and the high quality design plus LMC-quality make it perfect. Discover Comfort TI. Uniquely comfortable.

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Fully-integrated model.

Traditional craftsmanship and elegant interior are masterfully executed in the Comfort I. It is our premium class when it comes to design, comfort and technology. The drivers cab and living area unite seamlessly into your vacation home with a panorama view. The lift bed offers you two extra sleeping spots, and is just one of the examples of the exemplary functionality of Comfort I.

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