For newcomers.

Our Sassino newcomer model is the perfect fit when you want to discover the freedom of caravan vacationing for yourself and your family. With up to six sleeping spots in single, double, or bunk beds and compact, well-thought out layouts, Sassino fulfils any wishes you have. 

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Perfect for young families.

The Style, with its timelessly beautiful design, is our model for your family dream holiday. Enjoy lots of space to laugh, cook, play and relax. Nine layouts and up to six sleeping spots make the Style the flexible allrounder for big and small vacationers.

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More room for the family.

The new LMC Style Lift with standard lifting bed flexibly gives your mobile home the space that you need at any time. With a standing height of an impressive 2.08 m in the living room, it gives you the free space that you need during the day. Up to seven comfortable sleeping spots.

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For those who love comfort.

Vivo – a true allrounder – for travellers who value comfort. With a total width of 2.3 m – 2.5 m, it conveys a particularly spacious room feeling. Nine layouts are available, so you can select your ideal mobile home. A high cargo load is possible even despite its low weight, which makes it perfect. 

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For the highest standards.

The elegant Musica is the master class of our caravans. We have invested a lot of time to design its outfitting to be that comprehensive and comfortable so that you will feel totally comfortable, and can simply get in and drive off. In addition to elegant and stable aluminium rims.

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