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Movera – products for the best time of the year!

Functional and essential motorhomes and vans: design solutions inspired by Made in Italy artisanship, manufactured to ensure users’ freedom of movement.



Movera team wishes you a nice, relaxing and eventful time!

Finally the time has come! We’re leaving. Where? In the mountains or the sea? Main thing off in nature, out of everyday life. On board: lots of anticipation, dreams and the whole family. Movera ensures pleasant and clever comfort. Because the complete outfitter has a lot for camping, caravan and leisure. Movera is nature lover, techie, security expert, furnishing consultant, kitchen helper and very diverse.
With a versatile range of products in the fields of technology, life style, awning, gas & water, camping & outdoor and multimedia, we offer our trade partners a wide selection of accessories and spare parts as well as comprehensive advice on all topics. Many novelties are tested every year by us and included in our range.
In special, spare parts and workshop catalogs you will find a lot of interesting facts besides products.
As a seasoned guide, Movera keeps providing ideas and novelties that make traveling easier. Just feel at home on the way and the holiday can begin.