The caravan is considered as a Category O vehicle. The caravan is a vehicle equipped with a motor vehicle for hauling or adapting a vehicle with accommodation. Caravans have a lot of different solutions – starting with very simple, with just basic equipment, until very luxurious and promising solutions.


The Style is much more than just an entry-level model. Its clever layouts lend it the perfect combination of style, comfort and practicality. This will keep caravan fans coming back for more.

Berths: 4 – 6

Length: 6337 – 7647 mm

Mass: 1300 – 1500 kg

Plans and technical specification


Optimum flexibility in caravanning. VIVO has plenty of room for a few friends or children and features many surprising concepts. The bright furniture and attractive colours housed within are welcoming and friendly.

Berths: 4-6

Length: 70299409 mm

Mass: 1400 – 2200 kg

Plans and technical specification


In the Musica, premium comfort and elegance go hand in hand. This caravan is the best choice for challenging trips.

Berths: 4 – 6

Length: 6654 – 8144 mm

Mass: 1360 – 1700 kg

Plans and technical specification


The Maestro is presented to an impressed public in top quality with a new front-end design. The dream of caravanning has been perfected to the highest level, a dream for all those travellers who refuse to settle for less on holiday and who want to take advantage of extensive standard equipment (such as a wastewater tank, a single-column table base and indirect lighting).

Berths: 2

Length: 6990 mm – 7550 mm

Mass: 3500 kg

Plaanid ja tehniline spetsifikatsioon